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Our Story

Welcome to The Glen at 1310
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Our Home

Chris and I bought our home in the winter of 2019 and we moved in with our two sons who were seven years old and nine at the time. We instantly fell in love with the yard, the deck, the bay window and the surrounding farm land. Every day we'd watch the deer graze the yard. Every morning I would watch the sun rise over the fields. The tranquility of our little piece of countryside made coming home after a long day a bit easier.

​When spring of 2020 hit and we were blessed to have this space to live, grow, learn, and play. We spent the time together homeschooling outside, fishing, camping, building a treehouse and creating furniture for our new home.


As our boys got older (which seemed overnight), we quickly grew out of our beautiful home we created but wanted to share this incredibly special place with others looking to unwind and rest but while still being close to everything Bucks County is known for.


We have a tremendous amount of pride in our home and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have. 


Your hosts,


Kelly & Chris

Meet Us

I thought it’d be a good time to introduce ourselves - the behind the scenes team over here!

We’re Christopher and Kelly Jo and this has been such a fulfilling time for us. We both work hard for what we want and seem to work harder when we’re together. We fill in the blanks of each other’s strengths and weaknesses to make a great team.

In our spare time you can find us parenting my 13 (Breck) & 9 (Trey) year olds, riding the towpath, hiking, drinking coffee, playing with our cats (Kwazzi and Coffee), and working towards our future goals!

Welcome to our home and our dreams!

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